Gourmet Pet Kitchen was born out of my great love for dogs. Good food is love, and I am on a mission to make my four-legged clients feel loved, one licked-clean bowl at a time!

I've been cooking for my dogs for years. The meals I made were nutritious, well-balanced and clean, but they still tasted like… dog food: plain, simple, unexciting. Understandably, my pups always found the smells coming from my plate much more intriguing. I wanted to do more, but I didn't have much free time, and there were no ready-made solutions in pet stores. At least not of the quality I wanted for my pups.


Eventually, my dogs' big hopeful eyes drove me into the kitchen. I started researching the effects of every imaginable fruit, vegetable, herb and spice on dogs' health and experimenting with new recipes. My goal was to create nutritious gravies that could be added to their food, making their plain meal into something I would want to eat myself.


It worked! I loved the new recipes, my dogs loved them, and so did my friends and their dogs. Picky eaters with and without tails from all over the city gave my gravies their stamp of approval. Pups were happy to eat the gravies as food toppers or as stand-alone treats, and so were their humans. Thus, my line of healthy and delicious dog food toppers was born. Now, these homemade gravies are ready to be shared with the rest of the canine world! I hope your dogs will love them as much as mine do!

- Tatyana Vino, Founder & Chef

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