Your Pup's Takeout

Add flavor and real nutrients to your best friend's meal with healthy, delicious, homemade gravies made just for dogs!

GPK's recipes are phenomenal. I tried the chicken pot pie gravy myself and almost didn't want to give it to the pup. He devoured it! Tatyana has made Stormy a happy boy. The spoil factor is high now. The only problem is once you start, you won't be able to stop. #spoileddog

- Tim Healy, Balboa Terrace, SF

Incredible Taste

Pups will think they are eating human food. Humans will be a little jealous.


Only fresh, hand-selected food-grade ingredients, prepared in small batches. 


Choose a different protein or ask to take out any ingredient. 

No Bad Stuff

No antinutrients, preservatives, fillers, meals, or mystery ingredients.